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TIPS Student in UN COP26


TIPS proudly presents Mahashri Ranjith Kumar of Grade 9, TIPS Coimbatore CBSE  who was one of the Panelists representing the younger generation in UN COP26( Global Fight against climate change) 👏

This event is much awaited by the Indian media who have all their ears open to capture Indian
Leaders who are participating in the summit.
We all did see that the G20, COP26 saw a special protocol for the Indian Prime Minister Shri
Narendra Modi who said that the country had five climate-related pledges, including meeting
50% of its energy needs by renewable means by 2030. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also
announced that India will achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2070.
Well, this being the National Highlights, we the TIPSIANS are proud to draw the spotlight on
our Student Prodigy, Mahashri Ranjith Kumar who is pursuing her Class 9 in TIPS CBSE
Coimbatore Campus, is now a member of the Youth Stem Summit Design Team.
Under the STEM For All and The Climate Crisis COP26 Hybrid Event – A session where
around 18 experienced International Engineers and Scientists from around the world had
gathered to ‘Walk the Talk’ on the ‘Role of STEM’ and ‘Role of Youth and Women in STEM’
spoke on the various issues and problems that are prevailing and rapidly spreading Climatic
Crisis that are destroying the earth.
The COP26 had a Decision-Making Panel that answered the various questions posed by the
audience. The Panel members replied with possible solutions to all the queries and arising
concerns that were of global interest.
Last but not the least, Mahashri voiced the honour of the Decision Making Panel and gave a
noteworthy response to the questions,
🌎What was going on in #COP26? and
🌎If she feels hopeful and helpful that they got to be making the change?
Mahashri’s collection of reports, surveys, and quotes of statistics were mindblowing and her
confidence in the youth held everyone in awe. She did mention the different ways through
which the youth are trying to spread and bring in awareness among the people who are still
oblivious of the consequences of the Climate Crisis.
Her words ‘We are the first generation to be affected by Climate Crisis and We are the last
generation to tackle it before it becomes catastrophic and irreversible.’, made the listeners
wonderstruck and ignited their consciousness that reminded them of their duty.
She concluded that since it is a do-or-die situation it is the need of the hour and she is pretty
hopeful that #COP26 looks forward to bring-in the actual change i.e., WALK THE TALK.
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